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A truly modular thermal packaging line. Talk to us about how our solutions can streamline your temperature controlled distribution process.

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°Connex | GEO

Pre-qualified Solutions

Pre-qualified no longer means compromise. Use our simple selector tool to help you find the ready-to-go solution that works for you.

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°Connex | YOU

Custom Solutions

If you have a specific need our thermal engineers are ready to talk to you about how we can create a thermal solution to meet it.

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°Connex | PARTS

Component Supply

We understand that sometimes our clients may just need packaging materials. Look here to discover our full °Connex Parts line.

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Pre-qualified shouldn’t mean you have to pay for other people’s thermal challenges.

Using over 30 years of thermal packaging experience we are confident we have created the most robust thermal packaging offering. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure that we approach all needs with a solution neutral attitude and this is characteristic of our °Connex line.


Whether you need something pre-qualified or custom, or you just need packaging parts, °Connex has you covered.


Topa Thermal's Connex thermal packaging for pharmaceutical distribution


Watch our video below about Topa Thermal’s °Connex Geo Zone approach to qualification.

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